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The Province of Liège...
A wonderful region in an ideal position, extremely well served by first rate infrastructure and facilities!

The Province of Liège is in the East of Belgium. It is part of the French-speaking Community of Belgium, the Walloon Region and the Meuse-Rhine Euro region.

It boasts an exceptional diversity of landscapes. Rivers and streams, ridges and plateaux give it a pleasantly rolling profile providing a wide variety of contrasting landscapes: the Hesbaye, the Meuse valley, dotted upstream and downstream with the towns of Huy, Liège and Visé, the Condroz, the Herve area, the Ardennes, the Hautes Fagnes, the Spa area and the Amblève Valley.

Ideally located in the heart of North-Western Europe, it shares borders with Germany and the Netherlands (map of Euro Region).

It is the centre of a 7-spoked, high-capacity motorway hub that links the entire province with the ports of the Benelux (Antwerp: 120 km; Rotterdam: 210 km) and the three European capitals (Brussels: 95 km; Luxembourg: 160 km; Strasbourg: 370 km). Moreover, the province is halfway between the main economic regions of North-Western Europe (Paris and London on the one hand, the northern part of Rhine Valley on the other). This enviable location makes Liège the prime motorway hub of a 900,000 km_ area comprising the Benelux, France, Germany and Switzerland (map of Belgium).

The Province of Liège is also a first rate railway hub, crossed by three international lines linking London and Paris to Berlin, Amsterdam and Basel. The high-speed train (TGV) network (expected in 2002 in Liège, 2005 to the German border) will boost even further the position of Liège as an international railway centre (Brussels – Cologne).

The Liège harbour complex, the second river harbour in Europe in terms of traffic (23.9 m.t./year, not counting transit), puts the province at the heart of the Rhine-Scheldt-Meuse waterway -- the densest navigable network in the world!
The large gauge navigable waterway network (more than 2000 t.) links Liège with Antwerp via the Albert Canal, soon to be accessible to 9000 t., push tows to Rotterdam and the Ruhr industrial region via the Juliana canal, to Dunkirk via the Meuse, the Centre canal (with a 1350 t. gauge), and the North canal.

The province also boasts an international airport at Bierset where a combined air – road freight transport centre representing BEF 2.7 billion has been developed. In 1998, the airport welcomed 174,000 passengers in charter flights.



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