This page gives you access to the addresses and numbers of all the members of the Liège Chamber of Commerce and Industry and all industrial companies in the Liège, Huy, Visé and Waremme regions: more than 3,500 companies in all!

The CCILg can also supply a customised company directory prepared according to the criteria of your choice (company size, line of business, location, etc.), containing the information you want (particulars, name of a manager, telephone, fax, etc.). This customised file can be delivered on the medium of your choice: list, labels, or computerised file. Contact us for a quotation.


Economic structure of the Province of Liège
Who creates the wealth in the Province of Liège?
The manufacturing industries account for 26% of GDP in the province. The steel and metallurgical industries take pride of place (with 8.2% and 6% respectively), bearing witness to a long and proud tradition in these sectors.
The food, beverage and tobacco industries come next with 4.8%.
The tertiary sector (shops, banks, insurance, transport and communication) represents 61.1% of the wealth created in the province.

Who provides jobs in the Province of Liège?
UA small number of large concerns employ a sizeable segment of the workforce in the province. More than a quarter of the jobs are in establishments employing more than 500 people. The sectors to which these high levels of concentration apply are the metal-extracting and first-processing industries, and the precision engineering and metalworking industries.
Concerns with fewer than 50 employees represent 96% of all businesses and employ 39% of wage earners. They are present in all sectors, particularly services, construction and all the manufacturing industries except for metalworking.


Sites of Liège businesses
Find out here about Liège firms have an Internet site. They are classified in alphabetical order. You will appreciate the variety of an economy in which industry, service and business build on a tradition and know-how recognised the world over.

Businesses in the Liège-Huy-Waremme regions wishing to be included on this list can contact [email protected]


Other lists of businesses on the Web
Here we provide you with other lists of businesses accessible on the Web and likely to meet your needs.

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